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Red River Therapeutic Boarding School TBS & Residential Treatment

a specialty and uniquely non-profit boarding school
designed for teen boys and girls age 13-18 yrs.

Red River Campus

For more information on Red River Non-profit Boarding School, please fill out the Teenpaths Info Request Form.

Red River Non-profit Therapeutic Boarding School and Treatment Center
Red River School surroundings in southern Louisiana Red River Non-Profit Therapeutic Boarding School, is located in the heartland of rural southern Louisiana near Avery Island, famous for the original Tabasco Sauce factory. This school combines therapeutic and academic excellence and is comprised of two components:
(1) RTC - a residential treatment center and school designed for students 13-18 with deeply rooted emotional issues requiring consistent professional counseling and;
(2) TBS - a therapeutic boarding school academy for troubled teens who may not need regular professional counseling but could benefit from group therapy, feedback and behavioral modification of various types.

Based on a program with a long tradition of success, Red River School is unique for being non-profit with a mission for academic excellence in a therapeutic and emotionally stabilizing environment. The not for profit status of Red River allows the tuition to remain unusually low in comparison to other schools that offer therapeutic boarding programs. Additionally, Red River School as an A+ rating the BBB or Better Business Bureau.

The RTC program offers a powerful impact treatment option; including therapy, a series of highly motivational emotional growth seminars (Teen Accountability, Self-esteem, and Keys to Success), an accredited academic program, a proven behavior modification program, and a structured daily schedule.


"Red River not only treats the child, but also helps redirect non-working communication and disciplinary skills utilized by the family as a whole. Thank you so very much."

"Today is a very happy day for our family. Thank you for giving our daughter the love and guidance she needed to find her way. We brought her in as a very broken and unhappy girl. Today we brought home a very beautiful, healthy, strong, loving and determined young lady. Thank you."

"I feel the work you do is truly God's work. You have touched our lives and everyday I thank God for sending such an Angel to us."

"Thank you for giving me back my little girl who is now a young woman thanks to your caring, dedication, compassion and guidance."

Boys in group therapy session Behavioral Modification

Students at the school are held to very high standards. Inappropriate behavior is confronted, consequences are assessed, and behavior patterns are re-directed. Appropriate behavior is re-enforced and rewarded. A merit system is used requiring each teen to climb the ladder through our structured program acquiring various levels of status and privileges as they progress. Supervision is around the clock and 7 days per week. Campus offers an extremely safe, secure environment

classroom and self-paced academic studies Academics

Youth Foundation has an extremely progressive academic program. Students do schoolwork that is both individualized, competency based, computer enhanced and designed as a college bound curriculum. Each student is assessed upon admission and then assisted in designing their specific course of study. Students are able to work at their own pace and maximize the learning process.

TASKS (Teen Accountability, Self-Esteem and Keys to Success)

Students participate in a series of seminars designed specifically for our type of students. During such key seminars, participants focus on specific issues such as: accountability, honesty, integrity, trust, choices, responsibility, anger and the improvement of esteem and self-worth.

After the student has completed their series of seminars then the parents are invited to attend a Parent Seminar, followed by two Parent/Child Seminars. Parent/Child seminars are designed to assist each family to examine dysfuctional family communication/behavior patterns and to leave the seminars with a set of working communication skills and better family dynamics.


Both on- and off-campus activities provide a proper balance of recreation, exercise, learning, personal development and social opportunities. Initially all activities are on grounds.
Many interest on and off campus activities
Over a period of time students may earn the privilege to participate in off grounds activities. The facility is located near several areas of interest and recreation that are wonderful for off grounds activities. A variety of other activities include cultural events, water sports, bowling, movies, etc.
Although Red River students are made up of boys and girls, they room in different buildings and are restricted from interacting with the exception of a few community efforts.

Character and Self-esteem Building and College Preparation Growing and Winning

The combination of therapy, self-esteem seminars, enlightened education, activities and daily group feedback sessions greatly enhances the students' abilities to make working choices in their lives.

Working together with our parents as a team, is a key component to the success of the program. Families have frequent phone contact with their child's therapist and case manager (family rep.), and when appropriate your child is included. Communication with the family is instrumental in addressing issues, creating a family purpose and vision, reaching understandings, and setting goals. Commitment to each student and their family is one of the reasons our program is overwhelmingly successful. Approximately 90% of our graduates go on to take college coursework.

Red River Campus

For more information on Red River School, please fill out the Teenpaths Info Request Form.

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